Collection: Organic Waste Recycler

Entropy Generator - Our Way to Automate the Recycling of Food Waste with Black Soldier Fly Larvae in an Aquaponic System

Circular System that uses Maggots to decompose Organic Waste into Protein, Fat, Fertilizer, Water and Heat.

Ideal food for Catfish. Because Biodiversity is King we also add Tilapia to eat the Algae produced through Sunlight and LED. This way we produce Omega 3 Fatty Acids without the need of Fish Meal from Overfishing Bycatch. The Algae and the Garden System filter the Water for the Fish.

  • Makes Self Growing easily available for Everyone and even Saves Time
  • Buy Once and Save for Ever
  • Remove Organic Waste out of your Life
  • No Groundwater Pollution
  • Make use of Rainwater
  • improves Air Quality
  • Natural Solar Panels
  • almost completely Automated - Sow and Harvesting still needs to be done Manually
  • NO Pesticide, Antibiotics, Synthetic Fertilizer, Transportation, Plastic Packaging, Landfills, GMO, Fossil Fuel, Overfishing, Deforestation