The Best Way To Deal With Waste Is At The Source

  • Reduce Waste by up to 178 lb EVERY Year

  • Reduce Deforestation and Desertification

  • Reduce Transport, Plastic, Packaging

  • Nutritous and Delicious Snack For You and Your Pets: dogs, cats, birds, poultry, reptiles, small mammals and fishes

  • Always Fresh 100% Organic Protein and Fat 

  • High in Calcium, Minerals and Enzymes

  • Anti Inflammatory Medicine is extracted out of Black Soldier Fly Larvae Fat

  • 100%FREE from Chemicals, Pesticid, Antibiotics


By recycling the organic waste at the place it's produced, we reduce logistic and transport aswell as preventing methan from releasing which is a 25 times stronger greenhouse gas than CO2.


But we not only reduce the organic waste, we produce all essential amino acids and 1 of 2 essential fatty acids. About 70% of the biomass in organic waste can be utilized by the soldier fly larve.

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