Plant the Planet


Because We Are Serious About Fighting Deforestation We Plant A Tree With Grow My Tree For Each Order!

"Planting new trees has the potential to absorb two thirds of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions previously caused by humans."

Why we plant trees with GROW MY TREE?

At GROW MY TREE, the planting of every single tree is certified. Meaning you receive a Certificate with your name and the amount of trees you planted  around 1 month after you received your products. This is to provide absolute transparency so that you can be 100% sure that your trees are actually being planted. This process is a crucial part of our work with GROW MY TREE and is implemented together with our local partners. The following is also included in our tree package:
  • Raising the seedlings with the support of local smallholders and villagers.

  • Planting the seedlings.

  • Long-term care and monitoring of the growing trees.


    Support of holistic projects "beyond the tree" with societal impact.


    5% tree surplus by planting additional trees - we too want to make a contribution from our own resources: for every 22nd tree planted we plant an additional tree.

But its not only about planting trees
To reach trees that are the size that they are today it took hundreds and thousands of years. They withstand wind and weather, arid years and severe storms and become antifragile.
  • Its a lot more efficient to save trees than to plant trees

  • the older the tree the more carbon it absorbs

  • Big trees with deep roots help the water circulation and increases rain


    They loosen soil and prevent floods


    Offer shelter from the sun

Where and how are the trees planted? 
Planting a tree through GROW MY TREE means supporting reforestation projects with a social impact. Our mission would not be possible without our inspiring Tree Planting Partners who are doing the hard work on the ground! We would like to explain to you exactly how it works:
  • The trees are being planted in collaboration with our partners in the Global South.

  • The effect of planting a tree for the compensation of CO2 emissions and climate protection is given worldwide regardless of where emissions are caused and emitted.

  • In nurseries, the trees are initially sown and raised to small plants.


    The seedlings are planted in collaboration with local farmers and generate income and employment opportunities.


    The villages protect their new forests in their own interest .



    The sustainability of every individual project is very important to us.

Why plant trees?
Trees are a natural wonder because they absorb CO2 from the air and use it as an energy source for wood, roots, leaves or needles. So can a tree per year through photosynthesis approx. 22kg CO2* convert to oxygen.
In Germany, through our consumption, nutrition, travel and energy consumption, we cause approx. 9,600 kg CO2 per year*. Each individual contributes to CO2 emissions in Germany and around the world and can also reduce annual per capita emissions at the same time. We cannot completely reduce our CO2 consumption. Therefore, we must ensure that our CO2 disappears from the air again.
If everyone were to plant as many trees as they emit CO2, the CO2-related climate change could be contained enormously.

FAIR - What we pay attention to in choosing supported projects
When choosing supported sites, we attach great importance to the content of the projects and the local social conditions. We reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy ecosystems by planting trees in cooperation with our partners. This is important to us:
  • Help to self-help: Generation of positive multiplier effects through the creation of long-term training and employment opportunities via cooperating with local smallholders and villagers.

  •  Ownership: The planted trees belong to the farmers and not GROW MY TREE. Thus, a current planting of trees serves as a basis for sustainable income generation for the local population.

  • Cultural awareness: Cultural traditions and needs of local communities are strictly taken into account.


    Biodiversity fit: Only native tree species will be planted to protect the local flora and fauna and guarantee the long-term survival of the trees.


Tree planting and the global transformation
Planting trees is our passion and we are firmly convinced that this work is an essential pillar in the globally necessary transformation towards a more sustainable world. At the same time, we are aware of the criticism regarding the planting of trees against climate change and have dealt with this intensively.
Our position on this is: Planting trees allows actors (both individuals and companies) in our global system to neutralize their CO2 emissions. But this does not mean that planting trees replaces more conscious consumption or necessary legal environmental restrictions. That's why you can find tips for sustainable consumption on an individual level in our blog. Because we are convinced that every single one of us can make a great contribution!
We have to change on all levels and tree planting is an important lever that helps to stop climate change. At the same time, it empowers the local population to use their own resources sustainably and thus build a new model of global collaboration.